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This is the website of Joanne Larner, author of the historical time travel trilogy, Richard Liveth Yet.

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4 thoughts on “About Joanne Larner”

  1. I have just finished reading Richard Liveth Yet – practically 24 hours of unbroken reading. I genuinely couldn’t put it down. I am a ‘fan’ of Richard and was a little wary of a time travel book about him, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It held me from beginning to end. I am now waiting impatiently for the second book to arrive. I loved all the characters which were so clearly described that they became real to me right in my living room. By the middle of the book I was hoping for a different ending to history and I only wish your ending could have been true. I do hope Rose gets to meet him again in book 2. The way you gradually revealed the known historical facts was ingenious. This may seem way over the top but I truly have not enjoyed a book more and this is the first time I have ever written to an author. You can be sure I will add a review to Amazon recommending it to others.

    Please say that you have more books either written or in the pipeline – I haven’t checked yet as I sat down to write this the minute I put Richard down.

    My best wishes and hopes for Richard style future for England even now.

    vicki christian

    1. Hi Vicki, thank you so much for your wonderful comments – it is really encouraging to know that others are enjoying reading my books. I must apologise for the delay in replying, but I have neglected this page for a while and missed your comment, and others.
      At the moment there are three Richard Liveth Yet books and one collaboration with Susan Lamb which is a humorous book called Dickon’s Diaries. The humour involves a lot of doubles-entendres like a cross between ‘Carry On’ and ‘Two Ronnies’ style. Dickon himself interacts with the modern world while living at this castle of Muddleham and his ‘Dames’ swoon as he passes by. He sends Lovell to Tess-co for Jaffa cakes and uses a pynging flashbox (mobile) and boxe of mannie colours (PC).
      There is an anthology of scary stories to be imminently published which contains one of my stories involving Richard and a new Dickon’s Diaries is in the pipeline, as well as a stand-alone totally original novel about him called Distant Echoes!

  2. Hi Joanne just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your Richard Liveth Yet series of books. Like you I have always wondered what it would be like if someone from the past could time travel to the present and what their reaction would be. I am also very interested in Richard III so your books are a very interesting read for me, I am loving them. I am just coming to the end of the 2nd book and am going to read the last one slowly as I don’t want to come to the end !!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments – sorry for the delay but I have neglected the site a bit of late! It is fantastic that you enjoyed the books so much; I enjoyed writing thatm too and will be writing more in the future, though the Richard Liveth Yet series is complete.

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